Sell With Us

At the moment we are looking for Autumn & Winter stock. We specialise in fur, cashmere, handbags, dresses and accessories.

You can bring your designer clothing, shoes, handbags & accessories into our store seven days a week. We only accept high-end designer clothing, unless it is a collaboration between, for instance, Commes Des Garcon for H&M or Roksanda Ilincic for Whistles etc.

We take pieces on sale or return, usually for six weeks with a two week collection period thereafter, and agree the price which you want to get beforehand. There is no charge if the items are returned unsold, and if they do sell we usually take around 50% or on the bigger pieces less of the final price as commission. We take things on a seasonal basis and depending on how sellable they are to us.

It’s very hard to price an item from just photos so we advise people to bring things into the shop rather than email. No appointment is necessary, we are open 10am till 7pm Monday to Friday with a late night till 8pm on Thursday, 10am till 6pm on Saturday, and 12pm till 4pm on Sunday. There will always be a member of staff on hand to go through your items to work out a price that you would be happy to receive, once your items have sold.

We have limited space after this time, so items not collected by your final given date will be given to a charity of our choice.

Free parking is available directly outside on the opposite side of the street for 1 hour. We are also not in the congestion zone.

If interested, please call us onĀ 020 7720 2234

(Photos to the right are examples of items we sell and may not be in stock at present).